Sugar Sean O'Malley's Limited Edition Championship Timepieces

Introducing Sean O'Malley's limited-edition elegant timepieces as a tribute to one of the best Mixed Martial Artists to ever grace the octagon, undefeated and future UFC champion, "Sugar" Sean O'Malley. One of the most complete fighters of his generation, with an unorthodox-but fancy- fighting style, having an infinite arsenal of attacks that an opponent can never expect, complete with a solid ground game that very few survive this far to experience it. Sean doesn't get in fights with the goal to make a simple win; Sean goes into every fight with the objective to win spectacularly and put on an amazing show for all of us. His long array of impressive first-round knockouts and "knockout of the night" wins tell the full story.                                         
Modeled after the Iconic Jordan logo and Sean O'Malley's winning style, combining an effortless classic and timeless design with artistic touches of post-modern minimalism, this collection is Limited Edition, as only 100 unique pieces are created as a tribute to an mma legend. Inspired by Sean's fancy fighting style, his charismatic personality, his love for marijuana and his notorious confidence, these limited edition luxury timepieces are created for fighters and unique individuals that never quit. These exquisite pieces are for all of you who work your a** off day and night, 365 days a year for your goal, and when the time comes, you overcome every obstacle, you achieve your goals and look cool doing it. Just like Sean you have worked so hard and become so tough, that nothing can touch you both physically and mentally, you put on a smile and are unphased by your surroundings.

Confidence comes from the inside but it is also a holistic procedure consolidated from external stimuli. Whether an mma fighter, a  combat sports enthusiast or a hassler in life, wear these beautiful timepieces to perfect your attire and moral, externalize and consolidate the confident individual that you are and just like Sean, win every fight; both figuratively and literally. Get into Sean's Winning mentality and become the tough person that gets going, when the going gets tough.
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