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Tribute to one of the best bjj athletes of our time, one of the top fighters ever to grace the tatami, Miyao's limited edition watches are specially designed for fighters and for unique individuals who never quit. Joao Miyao is a multiple time World Champion, Pan Champion and European open champion, while he and his brother Paolo are true pioneers and legends of the sport. 

Featuring a stainless steel case, a genuine leather strap and a collision-avoidance lock-down crown, this collection combines an effortless classic design with artistic touches of post-modern minimalism. All the limited edition timepieces are decorated with discrete touches of bjj designs modeled after Miyao's notorious ground game, this exquisite collection will make a huge impact to combat sport fans, as besides being astonishingly beautiful, they are the only design watches in the World, dedicated to the art of bjj. Confidence comes from the inside but it is also an holistic procedure, consolidated from external stimuli. Wear these beautiful timepieces to perfect your attire and your morale, externalize the confident individual that you are and win every fight; both figuratively and literally.
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