What Makes us Unique

Divestum is one of the fastest growing brands in minimal design watches internationally. Our philosophy is to create watches that assimilate masterpieces of art rather than ordinary market watches, creating a high perceived value on the watch at a value for money price. Our award winning (the award was granted to us by the prestigious agency e promoted) design timepieces have been worn publicly by celebrities from all over the world including Netflix stars, Olympic medalists, Broadway actors, athletes, top models, singers and critically acclaimed performers.


We are a European team of watch and art enthusiasts that strongly believe that style is about making a statement, creating an extraordinary first impression and confidence. Since confidence is key to success, an individual's style should not be matter of price, but a result of choice. That’s why we are working hard to provide our award-winning, elegant, high-quality minimal watches, to stylish and confident people, at the most affordable prices.

Success after all, is in the details. It ιs about making a grand entrance, getting that promotion, that job, that victory. We are providing you with the invaluable arsenal for charm. The rest starts with you.


-It is Not About the Brand, but About Your Uniqueness. Most companies are striving to brainwash you with their brand, with huge logos and neurolinguistic programming techniques, on a crusade for brand awareness. Our watches are inspired by true art: focusing on the feelings a piece creates, not on the creator of the piece. That is why, our timepieces are artisticaly minimal, with little or non-existent logo exposure, elegant and beautiful, emphasizing not on the brand, but on perfecting your own individual unique style. They are crafted to be portable pieces of art, at your wrist.


-Award-Winning Minimal Watches at Award-Winning Prices. We know that our award-winning watches make you feel beautiful, but we do not want to capitalize on that with extreme profit margins. Value for money is key to our business model, keeping prices low, for the high value we are offering.


-Loved by Celebrities Internationally. A simple scroll through our Instagram feed is enough to see world stars such as Netflix Stars, pop singers, Broadway actors, critically-acclaimed dancers, athletes and Olympic medalists wearing and loving our timepieces. A very small percentage of them where paid, as most loved our watches and agreed to wear them publicly and make posts, in exchange for a beautiful timepiece.  While celebrities are not more special than you, remember that these are people that must be very attentive on their public image and they are extremely careful of their style based on what gives them value.  One can see more of the celebrities we have worked with, in a simple scroll through our Instagram page @divestum.


-Free Shipping Worldwide. We do not set a minimum purchasing budget; whether you are purchasing a 10$ bracelet or our most valuable timepiece, shipping is and always be free for all the countries in the world, with the most reliable international couriers.


-Free Returns/Money Back Guarantee. You can always return our products (in accordance to the terms stipulated by our shipping and returns conditions), within 14 days after you received them and get a full refund.  Highly intelligent people, such as yourself, tend to change their minds a lot so and we are firm believers in the freedom of choice. One should not be bound to an impulse choice.  Our mission is to make you happy, and consciously decide that you love our products, after you receive them, and that you want to keep them for life.


-Paypal Protected/Shopify Secure. We wouldn’t aspire to be International leaders in minimal design watches, without using the number one payment provider and the World’s best e-commerce platform. As you are a very attentive person you have certainly noticed the green padlock at the upper left of your screen, which is internet’s way of informing you that a site is safe to navigate. The padlock and a list of many other safety and security features are offered to us by the world’s number one e-commerce platform, Shopify, which is the platform that Divestum is running through.  For an extra layer of protection, we would advise you to make all of your e-purchases through Paypal, since you already know that is anything goes wrong, the global leader in e-payments will reimburse you.





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