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Still ticking: The unlikely durability of analog watches in a digital world

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The times when people relied on their wristwatch or pocket watch to tell the time are long gone. Nowadays time is displayed everywhere, in smartphones, smartwatches, laptops and tablets, on the metro station, even on the dashboard of your car. In a world filled with high definition screens, time telling is being offered generously amidst a ton of other information.  But what leads to the ongoing survival - if not thriving - of a device that apart from some other features of limited scale like date displaying, the only thing it offers is time telling?

Not Owning a Design Watch Puts You at a Greater Disadvantage than you Think

Design Watch
Having a smart watch, or even worse, using your phone to check on time, shows a lot more about your personality than you think. It shows that you are a person who is merely practical, rather than a perfectionist, who pays attention to detail. Countless studies have shown that people wearing a design watch or an analog timepiece are subconsciously conceived as more classy and successful by others. It is not known what causes the inner cognitive mechanisms to make a person perceived in a certain manner but one thing is certain: people make their mind up about you in the first few seconds after they met you, and this is really difficult to change. Although you should not care what everyone's opinion on you is, would you want you want to start every new relationship you start with an "image" disadvantage?


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